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Aron Pilhofer: „Advertisers don’t want cookie cutter journalism“

What hides behind the buzz word data journalism and what makes it so important? „The New York Times“‚ Aron Pilhofer explains.

„The New York Times“, even though it now has a subscription model, is still heavily dependent on the advertising industry. And what do advertisers want? Certainly not the same things they find everywhere else, says Aron Pilhofer who is the head of the „Times“‚ data journalism desk. This is where data journalism comes in. What really hides behind the buzz word? And what is so unique and important about this kind of reporting? More in the latest installment of VOCER’s interview series „Rebooting the News“ in cooperation with „Zeit Online“.

Authors: Ulrike Langer, Alexander von Streit, Stephan Weichert
Chief Editor: Stephan Weichert
Music: unreal / dm BluesRock in D 100BPM / ccmixter.org
Editor/Mix: Christoph Brüggemeier

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