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David Cohn: What local media and journalism schools can learn from each other

Learning a content management system like Wordpress is absolutly fundamental for a today’s journalist, says David Cohn in this VOCER interview. The founder of „spot.us“ is one of the most important journalism innovators.

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David Cohn is one of the most important journalism innovators. In 2008, he founded „spot.us„, the first crowdfunding plattform for journalism. He has moved on and is now Director of News at „cir.ca“ – a news app which atomizes stories and leaves it up to the users if they want just the latest news or as much background as possible.

Between „spot.us“ and „cir.ca“, David spent one year teaching journalism at the University of California, Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, focussing on sustainable business models for hyperlocal news sites. Berkeley is one of the best journalism schools in the U.S. with a special USP. The students run hyperlocal blogs in the Bay Area (Mission Local, Richmond Confidential, Oakland North). In this video interview, taped during Cohn’s teaching stint in Berkeley, he describes how legacy media and journalism schools can profit from each other and what he learned from his time running „spot.us“.

Authors: Ulrike Langer, Alexander von Streit, Stephan Weichert
Chief Editor: Stephan Weichert
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