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Interview with Jeff Jarvis

Web-visionary Jeff Jarvis outlines the future of the media industry.

As journalism professor at City University of New York, Jeff Jarvis is in charge of the renowned programme „Interactive Journalism“. On his blog „Buzzmachine“ he comments on current media events and developments, always advocating for his favourite medium – Online. His theories on the non existant future of print are disputed, still Jarvis is considered one of the foremost media visionaries.

In this interview with VOCER he outlines the future of the media business.

Authors: Stephan Weichert, Leif Kramp
Camera/Director: Iris Ockenfels
Editor/Mix: Christoph Brüggemeier
Speaker: Markus Küll
Music: On Til Dawn, freeplaymusic.com
Chief Editor: Stephan Weichert

Go here for the German version of this video.

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