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„There are still some billionaires in Germany“

A project like the Pulitzer-winning ProPublica can work in Germany, too, says Paul Steiger. In this interview with VOCER he explains how and talks about the future of non-profit journalism and how the crisis will change the media sector.

To poke around in places of power and shine a light on corruption – this is how Paul Steiger, long chief editor of „Wall Street Journal“, describes the mission statement of ProPublica. In the 11th installment of VOCER’s interview series, the now 70 year old talks about how non-profit journalism can work in countries like Germany as well and how the crisis is changing the entire media sector.

Authors: Stephan Weichert, Leif Kramp
Camera/Director: Iris Ockenfels
Editor/Mix: Christoph Brüggemeier
Speaker: Markus Küll
Music: On Til Dawn, freeplaymusic.com
Participation: Pia Gurgel, Christin Weigelt
Chief Editor: Stephan Weichert

Go here for the German version of this video.

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