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Shazna Nessa: „News rooms can learn from start-ups“

The Associated Press‘ Shazna Nessa talks about data journalism efforts, innovative thinking in the business world – and the difficulties of hiring journalists or techies that know the other’s job, too.

There is certainly a lot of innovation happening at the Associated Press right now. Shazna Nessa, Director Interactive and data journalism, talked to VOCER and „Zeit Online“ about the difficulties of finding journalists that can cater to the needs for technological knowledge and how news rooms can profit from start-up companies.

Authors: Ulrike Langer, Alexander von Streit, Stephan Weichert
Chief Editor: Stephan Weichert
Music: unreal / dm BluesRock in D 100BPM / ccmixter.org
Editor/Mix: Christoph Brüggemeier

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