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Interview with Robert J. Rosenthal

Robert J. Rosenthal of the Center for Investigative Reporting in California talks about how new kinds of organisations can make a change in quality journalism.

As a newspaper journalist, Robert J. Rosenthal felt that he had no room to innovate anymore. Now he is the head of the Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR) in Berkley, California, trying to help form the future of journalism.

In the sixth installment of VOCER’s interview series, he talks about how organisations like the CIR and how they can make a change in quality journalism.

Authors: Stephan Weichert, Leif Kramp
Camera/Director: Iris Ockenfels
Editor/Mix: Christoph Brüggemeier
Speaker: Markus Küll
Music: On Til Dawn, freeplaymusic.com
Participation: Pia Gurgel, Christin Weigelt
Chief Editor: Stephan Weichert

Go here for the German version of this video.

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