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Interview with Geneva Overholser

Pulitzer-winner and esteemed journalism professor Geneva Overholser talks about the future of print and how young journalists can help form a new kind of exciting, interactive digital world.

In the fourth installment of VOCER’s interview series, Pulitzer-winner Geneva Overholser talks about her refreshing way of looking at the digital future. She does not fear the unknown, but as a journalism professor actively looks for new, interactive ways how journalism can be both profitable and true to its core.

Authors: Stephan Weichert, Leif Kramp
Camera/Director: Iris Ockenfels
Editor/Mix: Christoph Brüggemeier
Speaker: Markus Küll
Music: On Til Dawn, freeplaymusic.com
Chief Editor: Stephan Weichert

Go here for the German version of this video.

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